104 thoughts on “DC Universe Online – Cinematic Trailer (Comic-Con ’10)”

    1. Wade Wilson they have the money and it would pull in more revenue especially if they brought it to the cinematic universe

    1. It’s weird cuz Black Adam is way stronger than Superman n got no weaknesses and but Sup killed him in a few sec anyway.

    2. aarold m.o.b. Shazam and Adam have magic flowing through their bodies that supes isn’t immune to but for some reason games just write that off and Superman destroys them

    1. 3:33 is when your lvl 30 and just chilling and your lvl 4 friend just gets off the brainiac ship and is being teamed up on by a couple of lvl 5’s.

      friend: maaaaate, i got some people picking on me
      3:33 *flies down fast on a mission to save your buddy*

  1. 3:41 if Superman traveled from the sun to earth in 3 seconds and in that amount of speed he should’ve killed Lex

    1. Nick Wolf I understand your point but comics do become less fun the more ridiculous you make everything. There has to be some level of grounding in realism. Not much, but if someone travels the speed of light into a human they should probably die.

    1. If they made it so you could unlock more speed force by running and using speed force powers I think it would be better.

    1. In the arrow tv show he was stuck for 5 years in an island were he trained and in season 2 he beat death stroke th main villain soooooo the arrow should be one of the last ones alive not the first one to die

    1. @Trevor Hunt it’s not about that if u see how cool the game is and see how old it is and u never have heard of it means something has to be wrong with it or something failed

    1. The way I see it, Flash was getting tired from the lack of sleep and proper nutrients which was depleting his energy and his speed. But if Flash was well rested and back at full energy, he would destroy anyone in his path.

    2. Christian Caster Could most certainly not beat Superman or Black Adam. I don’t think he could beat Green Lantern either. At the very least, they could just fly above him. They’re untouchable by him then.

    1. I hope they do a version of the comics where Prometheus steals Batmans guide on how to beat the whole JL, that was one of my favourite arcs, if JL2 ever comes out

    2. Nick Necro they would absolutely try it but WB doesn’t think we could handle it. Last year we would have seen the league lose to Darkseid and he would taken over

    1. @Ma Ar if u watched the show or the comics, you would know the capabilities of flash. He could’ve single handedly taken out eveeryone there in a heartbeat if he ran his full potential and did what a speedster should. No one could even come close except for black Adam cause black Adam is also known to be fast like Shazam, but not as fast as flash. Even superman would be demolished by flash.

    2. @Abhinav Bali exactly, nobody did anything, the cinematic was a decoy so we could all see how great superman is for like the 100th time

    3. Odaro Omoruyi i for one don’t hate flash I just hate how he was portrayed in this particular vid

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