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The Playlist with Ground Zero as well as Oppression 2 in it

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Injustice Year One to Five – Full Story|Comicstorian


88 thoughts on “Injustice Year One to Five – Full Story | Comicstorian”

    1. lyobosa Joshua Owie Josh he’s not that’s just your preference but in overall he gets carried away some times so if he was on a documentary he would be a liability

    1. That’s why the Joker should have been killed a long time ago. Honestly, the Joker existed in real life and they haven’t put him in the electric chair I would seriously question the legal system. Especially after he set off a nuclear bomb in the city.

    2. RiseUpToYourAbility
      Assuming Gotham is in America which it most likely is there’s a 50% percent chance the place Gotham is in does not have the death penalty

    3. Zero Dragon warz Also he is always declared insane, that’s why he is always sent to the asylum

    1. most sexists are what’s wrong with the world, along with endulgers of false information. Being in a free country has its benefits and its downfalls and unfortunately apparently it’s not only legal to be stupid but to spread it to your children. First you should have to take a test, if you’re too stupid or if you abuse your rights and use abortion as a contraceptive over and over you should Lose your ability to have children. by force.

    1. And that’s the thing about Joker, he doesn’t care if he dies, sometimes he wants to but as long as he achieves his goal then he’s okay. Joker is the true winner here

  1. Scarecrow in Injustice Year One: *Dies*
    Scarecrow in Injustice Year Five (2:14:06): I’m gonna do what’s called a pro-gamer move

    1. @Raiden I think the best way to explain this inconsistency is to say that it is Jonathan’s son, as Jonathan in canon is atleast around 30 or above, he must be +5 that in Year Five, meaning it’s not hard for him to have had a son that he trained, in Injustice 2 he is seen and is called “Crane” I’m pretty sure, meaning that it’s canon that the Year Five Scarecrow is a Crane.

  2. Enjoyed the story, it’s super intense. But it gets sort of exhausting after a while because almost every interaction turns into a fight to the death lol. I liked it though.

    1. I think that’s the point. It’s like John wick 3. John is tired of all the fighting and so are you

    1. @Smayder Titi I get that. I thought it was very out of character for Bruce to not be supportive. I think their should have been more happening to bring them to the point of against each other. Even if it was something small like Superman and Batman trying to work it out, but Superman killed a second villain mid crime, and a few weeks later a third because he thought they were about to rob a bank or something… I mean, Bruce forgave Jason Todd for the people he murdered… Granted Todd may not be cannon in this universe?

  3. Superman (literally at EVERY step of this journey): Hmm perhaps I’ve gone too far…
    Wonder Woman: UhH nO yOu HaVeN’t!

    1. More like

      Superman: i think this story is getting too dark

      The author: you thought this is dark let me introduce darker events

    2. @Hollow Animations nah at least lady Macbeth gets over run by guilt in this ww thinks shes right 247 and never looks back

  4. Killing Joker is one thing, but killing Green Arrow due to an accident? That’s just not gonna cut it anymore.

    1. @Ronan Oleary killing joker is perfectly reasonable its not gonna change his actions just because hes YoUr fAvOrITe VilLaIn

  5. Superman struggles against one god

    “Shazam has the power of 6 gods!”

    Gets casually killed by superman in game.


    1. [insert funny name here] You are absolutely right. I’m just mad Shazam went out like that I mean he is just as durable as Superman so why did the laser Eyes kill him I just feel like they killed him off in such a wack way. I wish they would have given Shazam the death he deserves

    2. @[insert funny name here] But shazam got killed like a normal human which makes no sense

    3. @The dark knight Is rising up youre right. It doesn’t makes sense. Because it was bad writing.

    4. @The Black Man That was the other Shazam dude that got killed. Black Adam I believe his name was. He’s been around for hundreds of years

    1. @Epic Gamer I’ve always thought Batman is the Bruce’s true identity. Being Bruce himself is more like wearing social masks. As an important part of Gotham, he got company and money. Very rich but at night he becomes bat and vigilante. I feel like that’s his true color, black, dark, with fear.

  6. Punches green arrow like 16 times to death.
    “ I didn’t,t mean to,it was a accident”

    1. I mean, it kinda went bad the last time he tried that, but I dont see why he couldnt just change the past then go back and check out if it got better or worse. If it got worse he could just go back and let it happen normally. The guy would time travel for a taco, I dont see why doing a quick test-flashpoint would be _that_ big of a deal. Sure, maybe it would cause some sort of ‘multiverse crisis’ but lets be honest, a multiverse crisis would happen either way. Its like, an annual event at this point. Im starting to wonder if the multiverse is suicidal.

    2. Sarah Sutherland i get what you mean but like anything is better than an evil superman that lost his family so i’d take a flashpoint any day

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