72 thoughts on “The Animated History of Every Robin [DC Comics]”

    1. Cipher Pol 9 Flash is soo awesome 🙂 He can alter time! 🙂 He is the Fastest Man alive 🙂 He is our Scarlet Speedster 🙂 He is The Flash 🙂 ⚡️

    1. Damian in justice league dark apokolips war had a very good character…..I wouldn’t at call him psychotic, he was very smart and he knew that fact that batman didn’t want him and that in a way he was a biological accident for him, which is why he was always bitter but he’s not psychotic

    2. Love, Aira I like how he’s grown up but I can’t see the movie bc you can’t rent it rn

    3. @Seeb Gaming well lucky for u , ik where u can watch it for free, check out kisscartoon, U’ll find it there,ya welcome:)

    4. You really gonna do my girl dirty like that? I mean, DC didn’t do much better, but still

    1. Roblox fan Films He can’t really be bat boy if he’s the oldest Batman(in his time period).

  1. Damian: I’m a jackass and everyone loves me
    Jason: I’m the original Jackass and nobody liked me

  2. Batman: I work alone
    *Literally* the whole DC universe: Are we a Joke to you?!?
    Batman: I don’t laugh but yeah

    1. Everyone sees Robin. Everyone is like BRO he robs the bins Batman is like oh he just kicks guys who robbed his bins Everyone else Please Bin me

  3. Wait a minute…..

    Here’s a thought, if DC stands for Detective Comics and today is called DC Comics, doesn’t that mean it’s being called “Detective Comics Comics”?

    1. and “The Los Angeles Angels” are technically (if you translate Los Angeles to English) called “The The Angels Angels”.

    1. @Sjundegatan 7G it’s my freaking opinion ok I like Damian then let me like Damian and mind your own business

    1. Hey did you know this guy “Ban Nuty” has reuploaded this video? I stumbled upon your Flash video in a Google news recommendation. Love it! Just don’t want you all to have your hard work taken

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