Thor VS Wonder Woman (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Following episode premieres November 13th, not the 11th.
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It's Marvel vs DC in an immense fight to the death! In between the mighty god of thunder and also the solid Amazon princess, that will endure?

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Wiz: Ben B. Singer
Boomstick: Chad James
Writer: Sam Mitchell
Animator: Torrian Crawford
Video Clip Editor/Sound Style: Noel Wiggins
Voice of Thor: Jonah Scott
Voice of Wonder Female: Natalie Van Sistine
Battle Commentator: Chris Guerrero
Aide Animator: Jerome Rodgers-Blake
Casting/Voice Directing: Marissa Lenti
Battle Music by Aaron Caruthers & Carlo Decanini of Monster Therewolf
Research Group: Max Baney, Matthew Jones, LousyTactician, Carmelo Sampayo, Liam Swan, Devin Swedenburg

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92 thoughts on “Thor VS Wonder Woman (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!”

    1. @Sridharan Srivathsan Not quite. But that 2% is sane and willing to step into the comment section

    1. ISTP even though he’s powerful, he can’t hit something that he can’t see. Strength might have been his advantage, but she’s strong too and way faster than him.

    1. @Rhoda Swartz “yeah sorry i dont have the time ,now let me proceed to say dc writers bluh bluh bluh and marvel writers blu bluh bluh”

    1. @Geoffrey Sorkin I still think wonder woman would have won but the only reason wally west ran that fast is that he syfennd kenetic energy from everyone, so uts no like he does that everyday

    2. @Geoffrey Sorkin thor can keep up with silver surfer, ego the living planet in hyperspace, sentry, hyperion and move to fast for heimdall to see who can see everything in the 10 universes and yggradsil is a multiverse in itself and exist on every plane of reality, thor can also cross universes and multiverses to another in seconds way faster than anything u mentioned for white martians, kryptonians or flash lol so whats your point.

    3. @Geoffrey Sorkin wonder woman was so slow that martian manhunter blitzed her and would have killed her had superman not been there martian manhunter is obviously slower than thor but she got tagged wonder woman has also been tagged by street level characters like being tied up by men, wonder woman has also been tagged by a slow brute like stepphon wolf and killed by him in the comics she also been tagged by batman, aquaman , ares, genocide, big barda, a Minotaur none of which are light speed so dont try to lowball thor because theres many other instances of wonder woman being tagged by street level characters no wonder woman isnt faster than thor shes far slower she has never kept up with a flash going full speed like shazam has its a big difference between running with flash at normal speed and going full speed much like when superman, flash or bizaro superman uses his speed against wonder woman u see what happens right she gets punked the same would happen if she got into a brawl with thor who is basically flash, superman and zeus all in one no way she wins.

    4. @John Slade let me give you a perspective over WW feat. She helped Superman lift up INFINITY! that was before the new 52 reboot, she is said to be even stronger now. She is basically just a Superman with female rights and tons of cool mystical weapons.

    1. @chaa Still Scarlet Witch stomps, her Chaos Waves will just one shot anyone, she even one shot Magik and she already possessed half the shard of the Phoenix force.

  1. The most inaccurate part of this is Thor calling Diana a wayward maiden. Everyone knows Thor respects women.

    1. Thor can fly and fight on space, not needing to breath, wonder wonder can’t?

      If Thor does the old leave the hammer nobody can lift on her wonder woman how can she move. Even in cross over superman could not lift hammer unless thor or Zeus granted it.

      Thor takes on and down cosmic level threats, woman wonder gets rekt by doomsday,Darkseid,Mongol, hell even cheetah beats her here and there.

      Thor weapon outclassed hers. If ultimate offense,, vs so-do defense, bracelets made from a broken shield…lol. The hammer truly as only been shown to break once(twice if count cracks) wonder woman bracelets break all the time, and can be broke.

      The literally God of know for his strength, can fight hulk. Again wonder woman gets stomp by doomsday, a creature of pure rage that wants to kill. Just like a savage hulk or enraged thor.

      Do the math…. I could go on.

      I understand entertainment, but this is just sloppy and untrue. Its amazing they never take into account how they perform against their own villians. Because again thor would rekt 99%of wonder wonders. Can’t say she would his villians.

    2. Troll uNeed that’s just silly. How is he going to lay the hammer on her? She isn’t just going to lie down and let him. Wonder Woman can fly into space under her own power. She was punched from near the sun to the earth by Superman and was ok. (Which makes you wonder why she is hurt by anything less) Wonder Woman has fought gods, monsters, etc. thor is nothing special to her. She is thousands of times…if not millions of times…faster than thor. She could have just blitzed him and killed thor before he registered a thought.

    3. Yeah I respect because of the content of their character not because their a women like wtf lol

    4. Maybe he called her wayward because she dresses kind of sexy? Males of older ages did scorn women whom they deem immodest, even if they respect women in general

    5. What are you talking about hes a misogynistic male. And he’s white too so he’s obviously a racist and a fascist too.

      Its 2020 bro keep up

    1. Imran Sutar Thor didn’t kill them, he just cut their connection and seperated them as confirmed in Loki agent of Asgard, tho I do agree Thor beats Wonder Woman tho

    2. @Robinson Supermarket They weren’t beyonders. Loki unknowingly says they’re the beyonders, but marvel has never confirmed them to be Beyonders. RKT has no chance against a single beyonder.

  2. Honestly I feel like comic books just make their characters wayyyy to op to the point where it’s not fun anymore

    1. Yep I agree. That’s why I prefer the MCU. The only ridiculously strong force is Dormamu. For example in the comics a version of Doctor Strange can erase universes.

    2. Well anime has dragon ball now where the weakest characters can blow up stars, and the strongest are high multiversal busters, unfortunately Screw attack hates anime. Look what they did to Gara.

    3. @Lt Fuckwit I know right. I’m an ATLA fan but there is no way toph can beat gaara. And also how there’s no way superman can beat goku.

    1. @Flash so what feats does ares have besides getting his wig split my diana tell me can ares move universes with his bare hands while weakened f no 🤣🤣 that man weak dawg he got murdered by wonder stripper and she cant even move earth by herself I’m dying 🤣🤣💀

    2. Bray9God lmao dude you don’t know what your talking about 😂 Wonder Woman only beats Ares (DC) because he’s weakened by how much love Diana has. Moving universes that’s child’s play, he would rather destroy one 😅. Thor can’t even beat Thanos by himself with one of the infinity stones, and with or without the stones Thanos stands no chance Against Darkseid and FYI Ares (DC) is considered his equal. Well guess what she’s lifted infinite weight before with Superman so that little planet thing is just stupid.

    3. @Karian Cross Superman not feeling pain without kryptonite is false. His battle with Doomsday was without Kryptonite. As does many of the times he fought against Darkseid.

    1. @Ugo Spotty he did do that but no… so stormbreaker with a sharp edge instead of blunt 1 well…

    2. @Bruce Wayne Mjolnir is more versatile than you think though, he can do a lot to beat her with it than just use it’s blunt force

  3. Who is here after they announced that Wonder Woman going to return and fight with She-Ra from He-Man.

    1. Immolation wrong
      Norse Thor is not immortal like marvel thor
      Norse gods were mortal but would eat the golden apples to remain ageless
      In one Norse story
      The Norse gods including Odin
      Began to age when the giants stole the golden apples of immortality
      Once the gods found and ate the apples
      There youth was restored

    1. @ً lol stupid fanboy dnt bark tell Wonder woman feats let see who is powerfull wonder woman pulling earth with the help of Martian manhunter and Superman lol and Thor lifted 20 planets with 1 arm lol and this stupid fanboy thinks she is stronger lol poor fanboy 🤣

    2. @Bray9God dude dnt waste time arguing with this jackassses they r joke they know only how to bark 😂

    1. Jose Urbina
      I actually know Jörmungandr from Sabaton song “Twilight of the Thunder God”

  4. Marvel fans: DC characters are too OP

    Also Marvel fans: You didn’t show Thor when he was at his super-duper levels, ’cause he totally would have won then.

  5. She’s as strong as Thor, he’s got the advantage if flying and distant attacks but she’s faster plus got an unbreakable shield and a sword. Being powerful is useless if u can’t hit your opponent. She’d definitely win.

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