Ben 10 vs Green Lantern (Cartoon Network VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

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109 thoughts on “Ben 10 vs Green Lantern (Cartoon Network VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!”

  1. Death Battle: The Omnitrix can react faster than the Big Bang
    Also Death Battle: Omnitrix doesn’t react to a pair of scissors

    1. Kingdrago101 ….but it does
      The omnitrix somewhat has a Mind for itself
      That’s why in omniverse it never gives Ben what alien he wants
      In the finale episode he states”it’s like the omnitrix has a mind of its own
      It always know what I need to use to defeat the enemy

    2. Kingdrago101 ok I’m gonna list out just 3 things that they could have used if they wanted a fair fight
      Adult Ben with 2 omnitrix that combined aliens
      Ben with the flux flutiary which can multiply his power by millions
      Or easiest
      Skudd the slime who can turn into weapons using the dna on the omnitrix and would definetly protect him

    3. @GERGERN ZERO Omnitrix has advanecd AI. It should transform him into a Upgrade who’s body is a liquid, or to the Dimondhead who will resist this scisors, or to anything what will save ben

    4. @xcapnaruto yup thats the crazy thing, this has happened before. however, that was when Ben wasn’t just yet the Ben we know at the end of the series and when the watch was still pretty much a prototype.

  2. Umm, so what happened to the Omnitrix choosing a form that protects Ben from, say, large scissors???

    1. The omnitrix was ready for his arm being ripped off by many things, not being delicately sliced off

    2. @batshineman it has a fail sage where it stops the person from removing it, cutting the limb off counts as it being removed

  3. Goku Vs. Superman: Considered one of the most controversial death battles!
    Ben 10 Vs. Green Lantern: Hold my beer!

    1. Frankly, I always thought the ones they got the most wrong were Toph vs. Gaara and Peach vs. Zelda.

    2. imaloony8 yeah, none of peaches deadly attacks are fast enough to catch peach and peaches durability is very iffy, she’s been overpowered by a single goomba, Zeldas light arrows are extremely fast and accurate, I mean she can aim accurately while riding a horse, she can create fire barriers and whip up sand storms like in ocarina of time, and can jump much higher than peach ever could, and emperor peach is even described as a magic kick not she kicks it so hard it creates flash images, if all else fails peach can’t do anything against phantom Zelda.

    3. @Just An Average Guy except its not canon…the canon kalel is the who died fighting doomsday.

    4. @Just An Average Guy Rebirth and Pre-Crisis are like Outerversal or something
      Post-Crisis is consistently Universal+, New 52 is Dwarf Star
      Goku is currently Low Multiversal

    1. Ben doesn’t even need to use alien x gravattack can just crush him or suck him in a black hole

    2. Dear Death battle guys can you make a video about Garnet from Steven universe vs Skips from regular show

    3. Can you also make a video about White diamond from Steven universe vs Aku from samurai Jack

  4. Ben 10: *can literally remake an entire universe from scratch*
    *gets defeated by a man who became blind because batman told him he was*

    1. @dogpool45 nicole emery bruh x took a universal blast and didnt even notice why would hal even try kill him

    2. @Max memeboi he is 16 and hal isnt stronger ben can create a universe as alien x and alien X can erase Hal with a thought

  5. Failsafe: ain’t it chief
    Scissors: imma end this man’s career
    Nobody liked that

    Sums up the comment section


    2. It wasn’t explicitly specified, but Ben’s antagonist, Vilgax, was originally attempting to rid of it in the same way, and never displayed the same failsafe. In other words, the failsafe is more specific. “Forced off Ben’s wrist” isn’t exactly the same as cutting off his arm. I was upset about this too at first, and I’m still upset that they didn’t specifically state this in the video, but I learned in their commentary about it about this fact.
      In short, it’s stupid that they didn’t explain it, but it’s confirmed that it still can happen.

      EDIT: At 20:22, it states this as a bonus fact.

    1. @Itamar Keren I wouldn’t say it’s wrong necessarily. You could say it’s a bad reason, but it’s up to people how they want to spend their free time. If they choose not to watch Death Battle because they didn’t agree with, well, anything, that’s on them.

    2. Justin Sanchez I’m sorry when has Death Battle ever acted like their opinion was the only right one? Ben Singer has said plenty of times that their version of debate is on how they think it would go. So please don’t spread misinformation like that.

    3. @Freaky Speedy They’ve taken down reaction videos that have disagreed with their content, even if those videos have praised other aspects of their battles (I.e. Blackscape), all the while endorsing certain other reaction channels (Such as Dwayne n Jazz) by sending them free merch and the like for their videos. Also, I have never heard Ben Singer say anything like what you’re saying. If they were to make that clear in their DB videos, and not take down very specific reaction videos while leaving other, bigger ones up, it’d show that they’re open to disagreements.

    1. The omnitrix could not react fast enough to transform into goopI thought some of you had common sense and it’s not like the omnitrix is instant by any means.

    2. @ROBUX MAN the omnitrix can react fast enough to catch the big bang, as they said in the video
      Also, even if it couldn’t, it has an energy feedback which protects ben’s arm
      And even if that wasnt a thing, it can transform ben while it is not attached to him

    3. @ROBUX MAN it is not maybe instant. But even if GL cuts ben’s hand. Omnitrix will do something to save ben. You can see an alien force episode where ben’s hand got cut by an multidimensional axe. And also alien x will easily defeat GL.

  6. It started when an alien device did what it did.
    It stuck itself upon its wrist with secrets that it hid.
    Now he’s got super powers, he’s no ordinary kid, he’s Ben10!!

    1. @Ricky Rascal i was literally just listening to this as i clicked the link
      Here i was thinking you were gonna rick roll me or something

    2. dont you mean…

      It started when an alien device did what it did. it stuck itself upon its wrist with secrets that it hid. now he’s got superpowers he’s no ordinary kid he’s ben 1,000,912

  7. Green Lantern: Goes back in time.
    Thats what should have happened.

    1. @Patrick Adetola budget still isnt an excuse, also waybig(Albedo) wiped out Pluto with ease, if hal loses focus hes shields can break. Alien X is nothing like the foes hal faced before considering he can alter the universe any way he wished, not only that the omnitrix has a fuction in where it prevents ben from dying. And if he is killed the omnitrix will work after death. Death Battle completely nerfed Alien X and the omnitrix just to let hal win due to willpower. If they wanted to make it fair just remove Alien X. And as you see in the video they completely disregard everything they said and make Ben’s hand get cut off by a pair of scissors, the omnitrix like I said can turn ben into alien before ben can get harmed, if your gonna say hal can move as fast as the speed of light I already know he can and the omnitrix when it comes to speed, it doesnt matter the omnitrix will just give him an alien in which will survive. And the missiles and sawblades? Just fire energy given by the omnitrix as food support and fire them at the missiles at a distance. Saw blades? Pick an extremely durable alien like diamondhead, or an indestructible alien like the worst. Ghostfreak doesnt need to posses hal, he can go through walls and not be affected by hes abillities.

    2. @Patrick Adetola also forgot about clockwork, clockwork can just pause time and fire hes ray at hal. Or he can just reverse hal from creating a barrier. Or speed up hes shield to decay. Why will the mind powered shield decay you may ask? It’s not like he can keep hes focus forever he is human after all, we all get tired.

    3. @Ride a bike They had deadlines for other projects they were working on while not every alien was used still had a good reason again Hal has survived planet busting attacks before so Waybig still dies no matter what he does. Hal has faced beings like X before anything X could do was nothing new to Hal as he has survived reality warpers. They didn’t nerfed him they gave him all the abilities he’s used in CANNON of the show and not theoretical powers he has never used. Yeah unfortunately the watch was not fast enough to keep up with Hal to prevent his arm from getting cut off and even if he didn’t cut his arm off Hal still had a lot of ways to kill Ben more times than not making every alien in Ben’s arsenal pretty useless as he has faced more powerful version than what they can deliver.

  8. I had a really hard time just listening to the name “green lantern” for months because I was so pissed at this.

    1. @ROBUX MAN your name is literally robux man that’s all I’m gonna say(also I never said I was mad and u cant tell that from a comment)

    1. @brandon Fitzgerald ben would have actually won the fight because alien x could blink he would begone

    2. The shush Hal just tried to capture him because he saw him as a threat with the power he had so technically Hal was the first one to break a law when he tried to steal it

  9. I disagree with this outcome, Alien X can go 7,000,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light, that’s faster than a thought, when his clones tried to charge at Hal he shoulda been obliterated faster than he could create any defense

    1. Michael Gonzales People keep sending this video and it becomes increasingly evident they don’t have much knowledge on Green Lantern. Just because someone says they think Ben wins doesn’t mean he does. Next to everything Ben can do, Hal can counter and exceed in some way.

    2. BodyInspector I’m a dc fanboy but I was angry that alien x lost dc characters are god like but they aren’t gods but alien x is practically a god

    3. @Christopher James the creators of ben 10 said that alien x was multiversal and green lantern hasn’t had any multiversal feats, meaning that alien x much more powerful than green lantern and the omintrix can go as fast as the big bang, although we don’t know how fast the big bang was it was probably quintillions of times the speed of light,

    4. @Syed Ahmed There are a couple ways to go about that. For one, we actually have a somewhat reliable limit for X’s power:

      Omniversal destruction, timeline erasure, and antilife will kill a group of celestialsapians if they can’t find a way to fight against that. The fact that Hal has tanked timeline erasure and antilife tells me he has a better feat there.

      Secondly, the DC universe is 1000-2000x larger than Ben’s own universe assuming it is the same size as our own given that it is over 100 trillion light years long:
      That would realistically mean that something universal in DC would be multiversal in Ben 10 and Hal has a sizeble collection of universal/multiversal feats on his own.

      Hal is also significantly faster than the Big Bang considering how Kyle, a much slower lantern, has reacted to it before. The Big Bang was calced by DB to be in the potentially trillions xFTL range while Hal is casually quadrillions of xFTL, far faster than any of Ben’s aliens have shown to move.

  10. “Let me see the real most controversial death battle”

    *Shows Spider-man vs Batman*

    “No, I said the *real* most controversial death battle”

    *Shows Goku Vs Superman*

    “NO, I said the REAL most controversial death battle”

    *Shows Ben Ten vs Green Latern*


    1. @Kevin Byrnes literally no one was talking about that

      If you’re going to just hate on death battle (and that one specifically) do it someplace where it’s more relevant

    1. savage is papi it a reference to one of Ben’s aliens. Rather a alien that starts off a lot of his stentcese with lemme tell you something

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