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Coleção Graphic Novels Marvel Salvat – DICAS – Monomaníacos

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Fala galera, nesse novo video dos monomaníacos, vem com uma dica muito especial.
Assista até o last pois esta repleto de informações e dicas.

Segue a baixo os web links mencionados no video:

Grupo do Face

Links das HQs:
( Infelizmente algumas HQs estão esgotadas, MAS sempre estarei pesquisando e irei postar aqui quando voltarem a distribuição.).

HQ 01 (O Espetacular Homem-Aranha, De volta ao lar) -.
HQ 02 (Surpreendentes X-men, Superdotados) -.
HQ 03 (Vingadores, A Queda) -.
HQ 04 (Thor, O renascer dos Deuses) -.
HQ 05 (Os supremos, Super-Humano) -.
HQ 06 (Capitão América, Tempo esgotado) -.
HQ 07 (O espetacular Homem Aranha, A última caçada de Kraven) -.
HQ 08 (Marvels) -.
HQ 09 (Guerra Secreta) -.
HQ 10 (Demolidor, A queda de Murdock) -.
HQ 11 (Capitão América, O Soldado Invernal -.
HQ 12 (Novos X-men, E de Extinção) -.
HQ 13 (Os supremos, Segurança Nacional) -.
HQ 14 (Motoqueiro Fantasma, Estrada para a Danação) -.
HQ 15 (Capitão América, A escolha) -.
HQ 16 (Os novos vingadores, Motim) -.
HQ 17 (Demolidor, Diabo da Guarda) -.
HQ 18 (Os surpreendentes X-men, Perigoso) -.
HQ 19 (Guerra Civil) -.
HQ 20 (Wolverine, Arma X) -.
HQ 21 (Homem de Ferro, Extremis) -.
HQ 22 (Homem Aranha, Poder e Responsabilidade) -.
HQ 23 (O incrível Hulk, Planeta Hulk [parte 1] -.
HQ 24 (Zumbis Wonder) -.
HQ 25 (X-men, A Saga da Fênix Negra) -.
HQ 26 (O Espetacular Homem-Aranha, O Nascimento de Venom) -.
HQ 27 (Hunk, Planeta Hunk [parte 2] -.
HQ 28 (Homem de Ferro, O Demônio na garrafa) -.
HQ 29 (Wolverine, O Velho Logan) -.
HQ 30 (Thunderbolts, Fé em Monstros) -.
HQ 31 (Quarteto Fantástico, O Fim) -.
HQ 32 (Capitão América, Morre uma Lenda) -.
HQ 33 (Doutor Estranho, O Juramento) -.
HQ 34 (Hulk, Contra o Mundo) -.
HQ 35 (Eternos) -.
HQ 36 (Pantera Negra, Quem é o Pantera Negra?) -.
HQ 37 (Capitão América, O Novo Pacto) -.
HQ 38 (Mulher Hulk, Mulher Solteira Procura) -.
HQ 39 (Guerras Secretas, parte 1) -.
HQ 40 (Quarteto Fantástico, Inconcebível) -.
HQ 41 (Guerras Secretas, parte 2) -.
HQ 42 (Dinastia M) -.
HQ 43 (O Espetacular Homem-Aranha, Revelações & Até Que As Estrelas Esfriem) -.
HQ 44 (Vingadores – Eternamente, Parte 1) -.
HQ 45 (Homem-Aranha, Azul) -.
HQ 46 (Vingadores – Eternamente, Parte 2) -.
HQ 47 (Novos X-Men – Imperial) -.
HQ 48 (Wolverine – Origem) -.
HQ 49 (Quarteto Fantástico – Ações Autoritárias) -.
HQ 50 (Dinastia M – O Herdeiro) -.
HQ 51 (1602) -.
HQ 52 (O Incrível Hunk – Gritos Silenciosos) -.
HQ 53 (O Poderoso Thor – Em Busca dos Deuses) -.
HQ 54 (Justiceiro – Bem-Vindo de Volta, Frank, Parte 1) -.
HQ 55 (Invasão Secreta) -.
HQ 56 (Justiceiro – Bem-Vindo de Volta, Frank, Parte 2) -.
HQ 57 (Capitão Britânia, O Mundo Distorcido) -.
HQ 58 (Thor – O Último Viking) -.
HQ 59 (Eu, Wolverine) -.
HQ 60 (O Cerco) -.

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Introduction to Alan Moore | 4 Graphic Novels & Their Movie Adaptations

A long( ish) video where I present one of my favourite writer and his works.

LoEG Annotations:

V for Grudge:
From Hell:

Where to find me:
Blog: universityunderground.blogspot.ca
Instagram: thoughts_in_books

Manga Studio Webinar: Creating the Dreamside Graphic Novels using Manga Studio

For additional information on Manga Workshop, most likely to: …

Hear even more concerns and solutions asked throughout the webinar below: …

Provided By: David Cumbo, Prize-winning artist, author and illustrator

See David's Dreamside videobooks here:

Join musician David Cumbo in this 1-hour webinar as he shows to you his workflow for creating Dreamside, his perfectly detailed trilogy of comics, using Manga Studio. He will give you a general introduction of the tools he made use of and also show you exactly how he went from harsh creation of a web page to final layout. David will additionally discuss just how he makes use of 3D documents import for referral and demonstrate how he added detail as well as shade to his web pages. The webinar concludes with a brief Q&A session where questions are addressed.

For additional information on this webinar or others like it, go to: …

Concerning the Presenter:
David is an acclaimed computer animation filmmaker, pre-visualization musician, as well as author/illustrator with over ten years of experience in the video game and computer animation markets.

David finished from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2003. His pupil film Fragile was included in Computer animation Publication's Leading Ten Pupil Attracts the Nation feature. The movie was a finalist in both the 2004 Student Academy Honors for Finest Animated Movie and also the 2005 amazon.com/Tribeca Online Film Festival. He has benefited industry-leading toy business Fisher-Price, New Era Cap, and computer game development workshops including Insomniac Gamings and also Wayforward Technologies. At Insomniac, he contributed to ten games as both an animator and also motion picture musician. Amongst them were numerous titles in the well-known Cog and Clank collection as well as the upcoming Sundown Overdrive published by Microsoft Video game Studios.

In 2014, David left full time work to commit his time to the advancement of Dreamside, a trilogy of comics. He created D.M. Cumbo, LLC to function as a platform for launching Dreamside as well as a host of future copyright. David proceeds his relationship with Insomniac developing Decrease, Bull, the studio's very first title to include live-streaming development.

For more information on David and also his job check out:

Get in touch with David:
Twitter @dmcumbo
Facebook at


Esta nova e espetacular coleção de livros de capa dura reúne as aventuras dos maiores heróis da DC Comics, em histórias clássicas dos grandes criadores da indústria dos quadrinhos.

Para Assinar a Coleção Completa com 10% de Desconto, Receber em Casa e Ganhar Brindes Exclusivos, acesse:

Comic Books and Graphic Novels – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/20/2013

This week, Adam, Will, as well as Norm share their preferred comics and also comics, consisting of Planetary, Transmetropolitan, Y: The Last Male, as well as virtually whatever from Frank Miller. We additionally spoil the closing of the 1980s Newhart show at the end.

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